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                                                                         $1500 House Special (up to 130 guest)

                                               Fabric Wedding Arch or Pipe and Drape (up to 20 feet)  Chair Covers, Sashes, Tablecloths,, Linen Napkins,

                                                  Charger Plates, Specialty linen for cake and sweetheart table.   Packages include Delivery, set up, and break down

                                                                   Uniquely Yours Packages



                                                "I DO "   (up to 150 guest)



  • Fabric Wedding Arch or Pipe And Drape up to 20 ft
  • Chair covers
  • Tablecloths
    Linen Napkins
    Charger plates
    Centerpieces (basic)
    Aisle markers
    Sweetheart table
    Specialty Sweetheart / Cake Table Linen



                                         "The Uniquely Yours Experience(up to 150 guest)



  •        Fabric Wedding Arch                           Tulle Draped Aisle or Aisle Markers
           Head Table Backdrop                            Chuppah
           Chair Covers                                           Sashes
           Tablecloths                                             Overlays
           Linen Napkins                                       Centerpieces
           Charger Plates                                         Planner 
           Coordinatortor                                        DJ
           Photographer                                          Uplighting







                                                         "All  Or Nothing"  (up to 200 guest)
       bric Wedding Arch
                    Tulle Draped Aisle or Aisle Markers             Head Table Backdrop
    •          Unity Sand or Unity Candle Stand              Chuppah
    •          Chair Covers                                                  Sashes
    •           Tablecloths                                                     Overlays
    •           Linen or Satin Napkins                                 Centerpieces
    •           Charger Plates                                                Planner
    •           Coordinatortor                                                DJ
    •           Photographer                                                  Videographer
    •           Photo Booth                                                    Uplighting



                                                                     "Let's Party"  (up to 60 guest)


                    Tablecloths (Polyester or Satin)

                         (2) Specialty Tablecloths

                         Centerpieces (can be subsituted for chair covers and sashes)




                         (2) Themed Props


                                                                 "OH Baby"  (up to 60 guest)


                         $500                                                      $800 

                            Chair Covers                                                            Chair Covers

                            Sashes                                                                      Sashes

                            Tablecloths (Polyester)                                       Tablecloths (Polyester)

                            (2) Specialty Linens                                                (2) Specialty Linens

                            Linen Napkins                                                    Linen Napkins


                                                                                                            Charger Plates



                                       For The Kids  (up to 40 guest)



                       Chair Covers


                       Themed Centerpieces


                       1 Theme Related Prop